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Open Studio Sessions

During the Open Studio, children will have the ability to move around to various areas to play, create, explore and be messy.

Come prepared that your child may leave in a mess! Embrace the Mess!

Booking Calender

Planning Your Visit

The Creative Wee Leprechauns is a studio that is geared towards young children but ALL ages are welcome! If you want to Book online you can click on the Book Now button on the calendar.  Prebooking is required due to the time to prepare for each session. However, Drop-ins are welcome if we have space AND I will post online in the morning if spaces are available.


Socks or indoor shoes are required by all visitors, in all areas of our studio. Grown ups too! This is to ensure the space is kept clean especially during the winter months.


Our studio is not stroller or wheelchair accessible, as we are on the lower level. However, you can fold and store near the coat hooks. We are working out a way to store folded strollers upstairs in the near future  :)


Food is not allowed to be consumed on-site, unless your child is participating in a Camp or Party event where allergies are controlled. Please do not ask if food can be eaten in the studio. Water bottles are good to bring but can be consumed in the waiting area. Do not have your child walking around with one in the studio as it can be a hazardous and get in the way of others play. 

We HIGHLY recommend being prepared for a messy session as children will have various activities for them to explore while in the studio. It is recommended to bring extra clothing just incase. We strive to use water-based products but we cannot guarantee stains won't happen!

Children must be supervised in the open studio at all times by the attending adult, do not leave the studio as it is not a childcare facility. You are welcome to supervise from the parent waiting area or play with your child. 


Booking online for the sessions are recommended but should you wish to pop by feel free for a drop-in visit no problem but we recommend having a look on Instagram! We only accept Visa debit and most credit cards in-person via the Square app. It is best that you verify that there is space on the booking website prior to visiting. 

Pre-booking ensures a spot for you and your child. Pre-booked visitors are not required to arrive at any particular time. Your spot is guaranteed, so you can arrive when it suits you, anytime between the open hours of the session you booked for. Do not come any less than 30 minutes prior to the end of the session, as we cannot extend sessions and we do not want to disappoint your child.  *NO REFUNDS. A credit can be issued if you need to reschedule your visit but we need 24 hrs in advance of the session between the hours of 9am - 2pm, Monday to Saturday. 

Check-in upon arrival by giving the name you booked under, hang up your belongings including bags, remove your outdoor shoes, listen to the rules of play, and have some fun!

Rules of Play: 

We want all children and caregivers to enjoy their time at the Creative Wee Leprechauns by following the rules: 

  • No eating or bring outside food in the building. Do not ask for exceptions,

  • Do not have Coffee/Tea in the studio due to safety concerns,

  • No running around or climbing onto benches/chairs as it is unsafe,

  • Keep an eye on your child within the studio,

  • Keep the items in the section you found them,

  • Pull out materials that you will fully use to create an art for you to take home, 

  • Do not allow materials and tools to travel to other areas as we do not replenish items throughout the section,

  • Do not ask for us to keep your paintings in the studio to dry overnight OR ask for Mural paper to be replenished - the areas are all shared, 

  • Do not allow your child to colour mix in the paint pots, try to keep the right colours together,

  • No throwing materials across the room or at others - this is unsafe and we will ask you to leave if this happens.

If we all follow these rules then we can have fun and stay safe time while at Creative Wee Leprechauns. 


Please do not bring your child to the studio sick as we have the right to refuse your child if they seem sick, as children have the freedom to move around and play in sensory materials therefore, sickness gets transmitted quicker. Masks are not required in the studio but highly recommended. We clean the full studio down between all sessions, classes, and at the end of the day. If your child is unwell please email me at least the day prior before 2pm and we can arrange for your child to have another visit within 2 weeks. If we refuse your child's entering or send home due to sickness then no alternative days are given. 

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